En Plein Air

I know you’ve set up your easel right here, but you won’t mind
if I stand in your view so you can notice the landscape
of my shoulder as it bleeds into the landscape, you can kiss it.
And my grit, which is shy but true, I will present to you
as if for you in the same way that the branch is for the apple.
Think of it another way: there will be certain days that just
need a really good polishing, that’s why I’m around: to make
things shine, if you don’t mind me saying so. So? You’ll still be
the same different person when I’m done polishing you and your day.
You always are one spot removed from my particular idea of you
which is complicated and extreme and batting eyelashes. Buffeted.
I just want a month alone in the country.  But first a message from
our sponsors who all seem intent on making things rough on the chow
line.  Oh what can you do to space the words in my face
to the delight of some sparks, eagles, oceans, nudity, gravel,
and canvas.  Will you be my valentine? I mean, what else
is there to do at 4:02 AM?


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