Poetry Crush Digital Publications

I’m glad I know you by Joanna Penn Cooper & Todd Colby is the first of a series of digital publications being released this season by Poetry Crush.

When I first read I’m glad I know you, I was knocked out by the  palpable joy &  tension.  There is a duet of logic that almost meets & becomes one– almost arrives at a clarity– then embraces that it cannot– then celebrates that two people can share this much– all this alongside Todd Colby’s artwork which exudes a sense of humor and reminds us that what we are forever-flirting with is our childhood.

Other  Poetry Crush Digital Publications to look out for this season include:   a collaboration between Joe Hall & Cheryl Quimba,  reality TV poems by Leigh Stein,  an erasure of Moby Dick & artwork by Rena Mosterin,   a video chapbook from  Sasha Fletcher,   artwork & poems by Sara Lefsyk,  poems from distinguished cat poet e. e. cattings &  lots more in the works for the winter season.


J. Hope Stein (Editor, Poetry Crush).


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